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2017-10-16 07:30:02

TV & Internet Coverage of Super Formula

TV Coverage

● BS Fuji

“Live” Race Broadcast “2017 Super Formula Round 7 Suzuka”
The program will be broadcast “live” and will be hosted by Super Formula’s official commentator Pierre Kitagawa and additional commentary by Super Formula ambassador Satoshi Motoyama. Tsugio Matsuda, a highly respected technical commentator, and Miki Higashi, will give reports from the pit, as well as after-race interviews.

DATE/TIME:   Oct 22 (Sun) at 02:00 -03:55 pm
*For more info on the program, visit the BS Fuji website

● BS Fuji

“Super Formula Go On!”
This talk-show program hosted by Super Formfula drivers Kamui Kobayashi and Daisuke Nakajima will showcase the appeal of Super Formula by introducing key people from the sport today. High-profile guests from within and outside the industry will be featured each program. Pierre Kitagawa will assist the hosts, and Hina Higuchi, a member of top-idol girl band Nogizaka 46, will narrate the show.
In the race digest segment of the show, Tsugio Matsuda, the pit reporter in the “live” broadcast will deliver in-depth commentary, complemented by reports from the race track by Miki Higashi.

DATE/TIME:   Next broadcast Dec 23 (Sat) at 11:00 -11:55 pm
*For more info on the programs, visit the BS Fuji website


Live broadcast of all rounds (both qualifying and races).  Re-broadcastings and digest programs are also available.
On-air dates:   Oct 21 (Sat) [ Live coverage of the qualifying sessions]
           Oct 22 (Sun) [ Live coverage of the race]
*For more info on the programs, visit J SPORTS website

Internet Coverage


Overseas fans can now enjoy Super Formula races via livestream in English. Those same races can also be seen via on-demand as well. See for more details.

● YouTube

Both qualifying and race highlights will be posted on YouTube.

● GYAO !

Each Super Formula round will be available on-demand 10 days after the “live” broadcast.