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Headline News

Japan Race Promotion Announces Plans for Super Formula 2019 Chassis (SF19)


Today, Japan Race Promotion (JRP) announced its plans to introduce the SF19 chassis in 2019. This new chassis will be designed and built by Dallara Automobili S.p.A, the manufacturer for the SF14, which is currently used in Super Formula. The SF19 chassis will be built based on higher safety standards, and the advanced design is expected to draw even more attention to the Super Formula series.

In 2018, the SF14 chassis will have been in use for 5 years. Safety standards for other formula car series, including F1, are upgraded yearly, so that is one of the main reasons why a new chassis was considered. In addition, advancements in aerodynamics, and furthering the possibility of overtaking other cars during races were other factors that led to the decision for a new chassis.

The SF14 is based on the “quick and light” concept, and the SF19 has been designed with that same concept in mind. The “quick and light” SF14 brought even more attention to the series since it was brought into use, and JRP hopes to further popularity with the introduction of the SF19.

The SF19 will feature advanced aerodynamics, which will allow for drivers to be able to further control their cars as they come into close proximity of other cars during overtake maneuvers. Overtaking in formula races add to their overall entertainment value, as well as to the level of completion.

The SF19 Chassis & Engine
-Chassis Name: Dallara SF19
-Engine: NRE (2,000 cc turbo engine with fuel restrictor/OTS (Overtake System)
-Tires: 13 inch Yokohama Tires

Development Schedule for the SF19
-June 2018 Test Car Completion
-July 2018 Testing
-October 2018 Specifications Finalized/Production Begins
-January 2019 Delivery to Super Formula Teams



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