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What's Formula NIPPON

Formula NIPPON is a motor sports category unique to Japan that is competed by drivers with world-class driving technique. The "formula" in Formula NIPPON means a regulation or standard. The term "formula car" is used for a specialized racing car developed to meet strict regulations and standards, and generally it refers to the type of specialized racing car that has all four wheels exposed. Formula NIPPON is a race formula that uses this kind of racing car.
The chassis of a formula car is one that has been developed to provide the basic functions of an automobile-moving forward, stopping and turning-at an extremely high performance level. For that reason, it has none of the parts that are not necessary for running at high speeds on the circuit, such as a roof, fenders over the tires or front headlights. On the other hand, in order to maintain machine stability while running at maximum speeds in excess of 300km/h, it has as wings fitted to the front and rear of the chassis. That is why the resulting race machine has an appearance perhaps even closer to an aircraft than to a regular production automobile.

Japan's pinnacle race takes another leap forward

The race machines to which the term formula car applies do in fact come in many variations depending on engine type and displacement as well as chassis form, and they are basically divided into classes based on performance potential. Famous among these are the F1 competed internationally and the GP2 formula for driving seeking to compete in F1, and also the F3 class competed in Japan.
In the past, the predecessor to GP2, the former F2, and F3000 class racing was competed in Japan, but from 1996 Japan gave birth to its own unique class, Formula NIPPON. Since then, Formula NIPPON has undergone several regulation changes in the course of its development, and in 2009 it is taking another big step forward.

Toward a competition that determines the fastest drivers

In order to bring out the full potential of the formula car that has been developed for ultimate speed and thus out-perform its rivals requires drivers with highly refined skills and technique. If sports car racing is primarily a competition between makers to develop machines with greater performance and durability and the car itself is the main protagonist, then formula car racing is a competition where the driving technique of the drivers is the key to victory. In formula car racing it is not the machine that wins but the driver. In order to make Formula NIPPON that type of competition where human driving skills are the key, the machines are seen as a high-performance tools that should be kept as close in potential as possible, and toward that aim performance is controlled by a highly detailed regulation and independent modifications prohibited.
Formula NIPPON is competed in a series at circuits throughout Japan by Japan's veteran drivers as well as talented young domestic and foreign drivers and international drivers already boasting accomplished careers. Drivers who come from overseas to compete in Formula NIPPON praise it as a competition with little difference in machine performance that makes it possible for drivers to win recognition on their driving skills alone. As such a competition using high-performance machines that compete in very equal conditions so that driving technique becomes the real test, Formula NIPPON holds a unique and proud place among the world's formula car race categories.


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